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Learn about our motivation to create a better kind of video agency.

Our Story

About Us

Our company structure.

The structure of Richmond County Media, LLC is uniquely small and nimble. Many agencies want to see growth at any cost, but that's not how we run our business. Our motto is less, but better.

On the production side, we hire and work alongside industry leading cinematographers, audio engineers, coordinators, assistants and professional editors where required to help bring your projects to life.

This flexibility allows us to approach each project uniquely, and hire the best talent for the job (without any unnecessary overhead). The results are better videos, delivered quickly, for a fraction of the cost (compared with traditional video agencies).

How we serve our clients.

As founders, we've found that we're most fulfilled when working with a limited number of clients, instead of juggling two dozen projects at a time. We prefer working intimately with our clients so that we can produce the absolute best results possible for their business.

This means going deep with each client to learn exactly how their business functions, including understanding their sales funnel, unique value propositions, target market and more.

There are an infinite number of ways videos could be utilized, but only a few of them are going to make you money. We want to find the money making levers in your business. We will work with you to uncover the biggest opportunities that video can be utilized to help grow your business.

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Our Story


Why we're such fanatics about Video, Photography & marketing.

Back in 2014, Ray Gorbea an inspiring filmmaker founded a grassroots collective group of individuals in the film industry working collaboratively on projects to help provide stable work within the industry.  The group would be called Richmond County Media Group. With great intention the group only lasted a few years and all members successfully moved on within their film industry careers. RCMG was put on hiatus....until now. RCMG is now RCM!

After several years working in the Photo/Video space and while helping people, companies and brands bring their stories to fruition....Ray Gorbea has decided it was time to bring RCM back to life. The mission of RCM is to helping companies and organizations use Photo and Video to help build up their brand.

We started a Photo-Video production company.

We didn't start a production company because we like making videos. We started a production company because of the immense power video has to transform a brand along with compelling photos to bring stories to life.

Photo and Video have their individual uniqueness however we love Video. Video is one of the most effective marketing tools on the planet, as long as it's combined with the proper strategy and execution. We noticed a distinct gap in the market between videographers with business knowledge, and marketing professionals with an eye for creativity.

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Our Story


We work with all businesses - big and small - locally and nationally.

We work with business owners who are hungry for growth. Business owners who dream of building their business to be better, stronger and serve more people.

Any business can benefit from more efficient marketing. We work with the businesses that realize that and want to take action towards improving the communication of their brand.

We work primarily with the business owner, the internal marketing team or the external agency who is handling the marketing/communications for the brand.

We work with a range of business types, including:

  • Dentists, doctors, orthodontists and pediatricians
  • Consultants, coaches, public speakers and independent contractors
  • Construction, production and contracting companies
  • SaaS, app, tech and software companies
  • Local community hubs, such as coffee and gelato shops
  • E-commerce brands (both online and offline)

Want to see if your brand/business is a good fit? Head on over to our discovery form, or give a call and we will be happy to discus your project further!